The Expat Well-Being Toolkit

Personalized trainings for cultural transitions


How can you turn the impact of cultural transitions into a positive and durable life-changing event for you and your family? For this we need the right psychological tools.

In this one-day training, we will explore how to make your family’s expatriate journey an opportunity to nurture well-being. We will get to know the Dutch culture and hear insider advice on how to succeed in the Netherlands. We will devise practical strategies for managing the stress of cross-cultural transitions. Then, we will build a tailored well-being toolkit to support you and your family, based on research findings from Positive Psychology, personal discussions and needs assessments.


  • Learn how to adapt and operate efficiently in your new culture
  • Understand how to cope with transition challenges and culture shock
  • Gain insights from Positive Psychology (specifically about resilience, relationships and emotions)
    on how to achieve and sustain well-being
  • Help children through cultural transitions


Your personalized well-being toolkit

  • Review insights and takeaways
  • Define action points to support your stay in the Netherlands

For Whom?

  • Expats to the Netherlands


1-day training (9:00-17:00)
Half-day workshop with selected modules